Why breast milk is so important

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Breast milk

Breast milk is ideally suited to the needs of the child. It stimulates growth and supports immunity. If you want to breastfeed, there is no obstacle to using this gift of nature. Until about the age of 6 months, the composition of breast milk fully meets the needs of the child and allows him to grow properly to develop. It also protects the child from illness. After half a year of breastfeeding, the milk is no longer sufficient, so feeding must begin.

However, the introduction of nutrition does not mean that breastfeeding should stop. Breast milk remains a valuable source of nutrients that are important for the health and resilience of the child’s organism in the future. There is nothing better than breastfeeding your baby with your own milk, because it is only breast milk that is suitable for all your child’s needs. Breastfeeding has an undeniable positive effect on the baby and the breastfeeding mother. In recent years, the importance of breastfeeding with breast milk has become increasingly stressed, and statistics show that more and more mothers want to breastfeed the baby with their own milk.

What makes breast milk so special

Breast milk is called “live food” because it changes according to the needs of the child and the composition changes at times of the day. The mother’s milk changes its properties during the lactation period and passes from the yellowish dense liquid with a rich nutritional composition to the colostrum, where it comes to its ripe form. In addition to nutrients that are important for a child’s development and growth, breast milk contains numerous enzymes, hormones, immune cells, antibodies and living microorganisms that are the first probiotics.

The nutritional needs of the child change rapidly in their first year of life, as does the composition of breast milk. Over time, the proportion of proteins changes considerably. The milk that occurs in the first days after birth is extremely rich in proteins. A newborn child consumes a small amount of milk, but grows fast as it grows more slowly over the next six months, but consumes more milk because it loses its protein concentration. Milk is considered by many to be one of the purest substances on the planet, as it represents the act of creation in utero.

The symbolism of milk

Milk is a substance that we usually take for granted. Milk symbolizes the success or acquisition of spiritual knowledge. Indeed, it is assumed that dreaming milk is a very positive message of the unconscious part of the human mind. In particular, a dream of breastfeeding can relate to the diet of our “starving” inner child. But it can also be about spiritually inspiring others. In this sense, it should be noted that the breasts are at the level of the heart chakra and that breast milk is rich in oxytocin – the hormone of love!

What you can give to a breastfeeding mother

Milk is also referred to as white gold in many cultures. If you want to make a breastfeeding mother happy, a gold necklacewith the corresponding symbolism would be just the thing. For the baby we would also recommend a braceletmade of gold. Interestingly, the old alchemical symbol of gold is a circle with a dot in the middle, which is a very elegant hint on the female breast.

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