What is wedding jewelry?

What is wedding jewelry?

Wedding jewelry

Wedding jewelry is a very personal gift that recalls the common love and connects the wife and husband in a unique way.

Wedding jewelry

Every bride wants to look radiantly beautiful at her wedding and attract all eyes. The wedding is a very emotional event. After you have chosen the matching wedding dress, all that remains is to find the right accessories. In order to look radiantly beautiful at your wedding, besides a charming wedding dress and bridal shoes, the right bridal jewelry is also of great importance. Skillfully used wedding jewelry enhances every dress.

Jewelry as a reminder of the wedding

After a wedding, there are hardly any memories for everyday life except for photos and videos. With wedding jewelry, a flower of the bridal bouquet or a part of the bridal gown can be immortalized in jewelry.

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There are some hints to keep in mind when shipping and making wedding jewelry . Special the modeling requires a lot of craftsmanship.

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Wedding jewelry as a companion in everyday life

So that love in everyday life lasts forever and ever!

The groom joins the bride on the wedding day in a color-coordinated suit and does not want to steal the show from his bride. But with a few pieces of jewelry, the groom can also complement his outfit perfectly.

The modern groom so often resorts to stylish cufflinks. Whether you are looking for a suitable gift for the bride or you want to treat yourself to a chic accessory – Here you will find suitable jewelry for the wedding or as a reminder of the most beautiful day of life.

Thus, from your memory becomes a true love piece, which you can always wear in your everyday life!

Wedding jewelry | Collection
Wedding jewelry | Bead

Find the perfect wedding jewelry

Too much bridal jewelry works exaggerated, too little seems boring – therefore you have to have the right instinct.

Stylish wedding jewelry subtly emphasizes the beauty of the bride, but does not steal the wedding ring the show. This is why it is advisable to opt for the wedding rather timeless elegant and simple bracelets, earrings or necklaces when choosing the right jewellery . So you can stillwear the same jewelry often on festive occasions.

In our online shop you will find noble wedding jewelry in a wide variety of designs and price ranges. You can choose between extravagant, straightforward and playful designs.

The right jewelry for the wedding should fit in any case to the female and the wedding dress. Elegant diadems decorated with rhinestones or pearls are very popular as bridal hair decorations. Curlies and hairpins optimally complement the hair decoration and give the high-stick hairstyle a perfect hold. With long, openly worn hair, they provide a youthful and feminine look and emphasize the wearer’s hair. The bride should combine a matching bracelet or necklace with hair accessories.

More facts about wedding jewelry

More facts about wedding jewelry

High quality wedding jewelry made of pearls

No matter if shimmering freshwater pearls, relatively inexpensive shell beads or high-quality Akoya beads – Pearl jewelry fits perfectly into a white classic wedding dress.

Depending on the color and style of the wedding dress, you can choose these in addition to pure white beads for your wedding also beads in grey or watermelon pink. Pearl jewelry is the perfect choice for a wedding, because the classic beaded jewelry always looks stylish and elegant. The pearls are, after all, a symbol of love, beauty and wisdom. Pearls were very popular with the ancient Greeks.

Pearl jewelry is therefore perfect as bridal hair jewelry. Whether you choose a snow-white or cream-colored wedding dress, cream-colored beads can be easily combined with any wedding gown.

Wedding jewelry | Beads

Combining wedding jewelry correctly

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces must of course harmonize with each other, therefore it is advisable to add a striking beaded nylon necklace with a single-row bead bracelet and simple pearl stud earrings.

If pearls are not to your liking, you will of course also have gold or silver jewelry at your disposal. A necklace in a delicate silver or gold tone with a discreet pendant can also be a stylish wedding jewelry.

If you want to wear a bracelet to your wedding, then you can use bracelets and wristbands in various designs and shapes. Earrings in the form of clips and hoops, as well as earrings and plugs, are available to complete your outfit.

No matter which wedding decoration you choose, it is important to harmonize the individual pieces of jewelry harmoniously. In our online shop you can expect a lot of perfectly matched jewelry sets.