What is umbilical cord jewelry?

What is
Umbilical cord jewelry?

Umbilical cord jewelry

Umbilical cord jewelry is a unique gift that recalls the pregnancy and the moment of birth in a special way.

How am I supposed to give?

If you’re not the mommy, the only alternative is a gift voucher.

When should I give?

A great reason to rejoice is when the baby sees the light of day. The proud parents are looking forward to the newcomer and all around are happy with it. For this occasion, it is customary in many countries and cultures that one buys gifts for birth to the baby. The umbilical cord drops a few ways to weeks after birth, so you have plenty of time to give.

If you have any questions, please feel right to come to us!

Your questions explained

The shipping and production of umbilical cord jewelry is different from other natural material. Before and for the transport there are some hints from us.

To save you effort, work and time, we have explained all questions and interesting information for you in videos compact!

How to easily order, we have explained here.

Fallacy around umbilical cord jewelry

How is the umbilical cord processed?

To create a true and everyday piece of jewelry, we divide the (already) dry umbilical cord into fragments. These can be perfectly modeled and processed into a unique design.

Thus, from your memory , a true love-proof is made to your child, which you can always carry with you!

Umbilical cord jewelry | Errors
Umbilical cord jewelry | Set

Fragments perfectly set in scene

In umbilical cord jewellery, the fragments of the umbilical cord are perfectly staged during the modeling phase.

You selected and ordered your jewelry?

Then write us your concrete idea how you want to model your fragments or let our creativity inspire you.

If fragments or a terminal are left, we will of course send them back as part of your order.

More facts about umbilical cord jewelry
More facts about umbilical cord jewelry
Umbilical cord jewelry as an art form

The latest postnatal trend is called #umbilicalcordart.

To english: #umbilicalcordart.

Yes, you read right!

For some time now, umbilical cord art is on the rise in the DIY field.

The umbilical cord is an absolute miracle of nature, because it provides the baby with vital nutrients and oxygen-rich blood during pregnancy. If the small is in the world, the vital connection to Mama has fulfilled his function. The umbilical cord is cut through.

A small stub remains on babies tummy. And the rest? Can become a work of art.

Great and unique idea? Or just disgusting? What do you mean? We have dispensed with pictures at this point and leave it up to each of us to research the topic further. Write us a message about what you think of umbilical cord jewelry.

For sensitive persons we recommend factual information:

How the umbilical cord is built up and how the nutrient supply during pregnancy and the umbilical after childbirth work exactly, you can read in the link.

Umbilical cord jewelry | Art
Umbilical cord jewelry | Chain
Umbilical cord in precious metal casting

An entirely different form of perpetuation is to pour the umbilical cord into precious metal.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

The umbilical cord is sent to the appropriate manufacturer. The respective Manufactory produces an imprint of the umbilical cord and pours it out with the ordered precious metal. The order and umbilical cord are then usually returned to the customer. The idea behind this type of umbilical cord ornament is to create a unique symbol of a lifelong connection between mother and child .

This type of necklace, bracelet or finger ring can then be worn. Whether this form of umbilical cord jewellery is suitable for everyday life, however, is questionable as the cord print is visible to the public .