What is mourning jewelry?

What is mourning jewelry?

Mourning jewelry

Mourning jewelry is a priceless gift that reminds in a special way of a special heart person or a beloved pet.

Grief is an emotional response that occurs when something is lost that is important and valuable to us. The intensity and length of mourning are very individual and depend on how strong a particular loss is for the person concerned. It can be the loss of a loved one, a breakdown of an emotional relationship, a loss at work or in friendship.

The idea of producing a piece of jewellery made of ash, hair or a tooth is the result of a desire to preserve precious memories. With funeral decorations, you can carry the memory of your favorite person or pet permanently in everyday life as a souvenir.

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The shipping and the production of mourning jewelry is something very special for us, as we too know the feeling about the loss of a loved one.

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Processing grief with mourning memory

Your memory is our focus!

Often we want to help our loved ones in situations of grief, but we don’t know how or what we can do. Then a conversation or a shoulder is enough to weep. Even gifts, such as discreet jewelry can be very encouraging for the grieving person. But before making a decision, you should be aware that such a process can be very complex.

By processing ash, hair or tooth, your memory becomes a true heirloom that you can always carry with you.

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Mourning jewelry as an everlasting heirloom

Mourning tells us how important it was for us and how important it is for us to accept ourselves and life without losing it.

We begin to heal when we begin to place portions of our loss in a larger frame in our head. concentrating on the past keeps us from dealing effectively with the present.

We should therefore consider mourning as something meaningful and make this part of the life story An important, integrated part of our present and future history.

More interesting facts about mourning jewelry

More interesting facts about mourning jewelry

Phases of mourning

The process of mourning often takes place in several phases . The first stage is the shock in which we are often frozen and do not react to the situation. This represents the immediate inability to digest the information. After that, there is usually denial and disbelief.

A person is unconscious on the unconscious side to protect himself from overwhelming pain. After that, emotions like indignation and rage arise. A person cannot accept the situation of mourning , perceives it as an injustice, seeks a perpetrator or reproaches himself. In the next phase, acceptance or reconciliation comes with the situation that brings depression, passivity, laziness.

We reduce the activity and quality of life, overwhelm us with the loss of meaning. After a certain period of time, we feel the pressure of reality that pushes us out of passivity. The final stage is the return to reality and the functioning of everyday life. The person is again able to successfully invest their emotions in new goals. Often this process is not so simple and regular. Phases can be mixed and linked together, depending on the person and the size of the loss that a person experiences. In this process we need really close people who can influence the speed and quality of recovery.

The most important thing is to be available to the person in mourning.

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Experience grief and accept loss

Experiencing a time of grief and accepting a loss is not an easy process.

If there is too much to do, it can be pushed or rejected. Unspoken feelings encourage the development of psychosomatic reactions, such as headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and the like.

A person is often tense and can express strongly other emotions that are not directly related to grief. All emotions are important, whether positive or negative, and it is important to feel them and accept them. Mourning jewelry is a way to accept the loss.