What is hair jewelry?

What is hair jewelry?

Hair jewelry

Jewelry made of hair is ideal as a gift for engagement, birth, birthday or wedding.

Weren’t there any hair jewelry before?

In earlier times, the human hair was processed into precious jewelry. Wearing jewellery made of hair as a souvenir of a valuable person or near people was particularly prevalent in the 19th Century.

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Your questions explained

The production of hair jewelry requires a lot of modeling and is at the end a small work of art.


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In brief

Hair jewelry is a real eye-catcher!

You want your impressing friends and family?

Then give something very personal. At each meeting, you can then tell about beautiful memories to your jewelry. Your unique piece is assured of undivided attention!

The combination of colouring, glitter, precious metal leaf and engraving, as well as other natural material, makes your piece of jewellery even more noble and individual.

Thus your memory becomes a true heirloom,

whichever you can carry with you!

Hair jewelry| Gift

Hair jewelery can always be given away

Don’t feel like giving away a book or something impersonal again?

A strand of hair from you, a favorite person or your child to your heart person will become an unforgettable gift experience.

Whether best friend, birthday, engagement, wedding or memory of a beloved person:

Now you have the opportunity to express your connection in jewelry and always carry this person with you!

More facts about hair jewelry

Hair as an art object

Hair jewelry was made in the 18th century. This era ended at the beginning of the 20th century. Extremely elaborate methods were used for the processing of this material. By means of special braiding, bobbin and gluing techniques no longer used, the hair was processed into whole pictures and jewelry. One wore, for example, from the hair of the child, his mother, his best friend, the fiancé unique brooches, earrings and bracelets. Necklaces with up to 180 cm in length, were also very common. Often hung on such chains still a petite ladies watch or a golden medallion.

Hair jewelry was produced between 1750 and 1920 most. Hair has always been the seat of life, power and soul. The idea of making hair jewelry arose from the desire to be always close to the beloved person. It was made of love and friendship jewelry such as small brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings, crosses and flowers. They were all presented as a friendship proof. Young brides have often made watch chains for their husband or fiancé.

Instruction books for the production of hair jewelry date back to the 19th century. Numerous women’s monasteries and barbers have made jewelry made of hair on behalf of the customers . At the end of the 19th century, larger companies began to manufacture hair jewelry. Many different fittings and braided patterns were shown in large catalogues. Jewellery made of hair became more and more popular and at the end of the 19th century even machines were developed due to the growing demand.

Hair jewelry | Art

Manufacture of pieces of jewelry made of hair

Hair jewelry was and still is very precious. The respective owners are reluctant to separate from their jewellery, because it establishes an emotional connection to a beloved person.

Human hair was used to produce watch chains, rings and earrings, hair pictures, hair wreaths, Medallions and chain pendants. All these pieces of jewelry were either made in homework, produced by wigs or they were monastic works.

When the wig makers had become unemployed because of the French Revolution, they tried to make money by producing artful hair images . Such hair pictures were a reminder of a deceased person.

In the manufacture of the hair decoration various techniques were used: the hair was braided, knotted or lace.

Memory brooch from Victorian times

Antique jewelry made of hair has been created from very emotional desires and ambitions . Victorian England is considered to be the country of origin of the hair ornament. From Victorian England, this art has spread to northern and central Europe. So-called memory brooches are typical hair jewels from the Victorian era. These old brooches are also known as mourning brooches, because the hair of the deceased were immortalized in such a brooch.

Even in the Biedermeier period, antique hair ornaments were widely spread. queen Viktoria herself wore strands of hair of a deceased inside a golden medallion or a memorial brooch with enamel decorations.

Antique jewelry made of hair was not always about mourning jewelry. Wig makers, women in housework, monastic women and seamstresses also made cherished love gifts, jewelry to engagement, birth or wedding.

Hair jewelry | Victorian Time