What is engraving jewelry?

What is engraving jewelry?

Engraving jewelry

Engraving jewelry is unique because no piece of jewelry is the same as the other.

Whether finger, foot, hand or paw print – each engraving is unique. In addition, we can perfectly engrave and laser fonts, symbols and numbers.

In order to engrave the engravings in high quality and precisely, we have prepared instructions for you. Your Imprint you then have to take a picture or scan. You can then simply upload your photo online, send it via Whatsapp or email it.

Whether you have a pure engraving piece

of jewellery or want to refine your commemorative jewellery with an engraving – we implement your ideas individually.

We will be happy to advise you!

Your questions explained

Whether commemorative jewelry with engraving or pure engraving jewelry – we help you to find your perfect design.

Your personal jewelry designer will advise you before, during and after your order.

To save you effort, work and time, we have explained all questions and interesting information in videos compactly!

How to easily order, we have explained here.

Engraving font, symbols and numbers

Refine your jewel with an engraving!

Whether it’s your date of birth, wedding day, your child’s name or an eternity symbol – we personalize your jewelry according to your wishes.

Simply specify your engraving request when ordering or after ward. Of course, you can also book an engraving afterwards.

So your memory becomes a true heirloom, which you can always carry with you!

Engraving Jewellery - Modeled Tree of Life

Laser ingessing photos and imprints

Whether a holiday photo or a picture of your heart-man – We laser your photo high-resolution into your jewelry. In addition, we have the possibility to incorporate finger, hand, foot and paw prints into your jewelry. This type of engraving makes your unique piece even more individual.

In addition to your photo, we can also engrave data such as your birthday, your name or your desired symbol.

Let us inspire and advise you!

More interesting facts about engraving jewelry

More interesting facts about engraving jewellery

Engraving with machines

Machine engraving is used in the production of signs or in mould making, in which the material is removed by a cutter or a diamond. For the production of permanent signs can be used from different colored layers, whereby the too serious depth reaches into a different colored layer.

With the use of computer-controlled engraving machines, various vector file formats can be used. The data makes it possible to produce perfect engravings that would not be possible by hand.

Engraving Jewellery - Cloud Deisgn

Engraving with lasers

The most modern engraving technique is laser engraving, where the material is heated so strongly by the hitting laser beam that it changes, evaporates or burns the color.

Applications include the permanent marking of electronic components, front panels, jewelry, name chains and door signs or the labeling of computer keyboards. This also makes it possible to engrave drinking glasses and round objects quickly and safely.

The laser beam is tracked to the contour or guided line by line over the workpiece with a laser scanner, whereby the laser is switched on and off in quick succession in order to cause a removal at the required places. By controlling the pulse energy, it is even possible to engrave photos.