What is breast milk jewelry?

What is breast milk jewelry?

Breast milk jewelry

Breast milk jewelry is a priceless gift that reminds of special moments and connects the child and mother in a unique way.

Breastfeeding is a magical and excellent time for both the mother and the child, because breastfeeding means food, love and attachment. The breastfeeding time is unfortunately passing too fast.

The idea of producing a piece of breast milk is the result of a desire to preserve precious memories and to create something durable and tangible as a memento of the glorious moments of security .

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Your questions explained

The dispatch and manufacture of breast milk jewellery is different from other natural materials. In contrast to solid material, there is a lot to consider for breast milk as a liquid.

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In brief

Breast milk as a perfect background

Take advantage of the colour properties of breast milk!

Whether in a pearl or flat version the white of breast milk can be perfectly modeled as a background. You can add simple elegance to your piece of jewellery by leaving it completely white.

Very popular are the combination of strands of hair or umbilical cord fragments, as they are unique to a breast milk background. By combining colouring , glitter, precious metal leaf or engraving , we add the finishing touches to your piece of jewellery.

Thus your memory becomes a true heirloom,

whichever you can carry with you!

Breast milk jewelry
Breast milk jewelry | Care

Maintain breast milk jewelry properly

If you notice a few things, you can enjoy your favorite part for a long time.

To ensure that the surface does not lose its luster, the jewellery should not come into contact with creams, oils, water, hairspray, perfume and other chemical substances. These substances can damage the surface of the resin and thus also the breast milk jewelry.

It is also not advisable to wear breast milk jewellery in sports or in the sauna . Excessive sweating can also have a negative effect on breast milk jewelry. The breast milk jewellery must not be exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period of time, as this leads to a change in colour of the jewellery. The jewellery should also be cleaned with a lot of caution, as even sharp cleaners can damage the jewellery.

More facts about breast milk jewelry

More facts about breast milk jewelry

The US trend is also conquering Germany

The birth of a child is clearly a unique occurrence. You will have many videos and photos that will keep your child’s first years of life permanently.

Breast milk jewelry is another way to keep unique memories alive and awake. We process breast milk components into distinctive and unique pieces of jewellery. Special techniques and processes are used in the production of a breast milk jewellery, combined with a great deal of craftsmanship and creativity.

Breast milk jewelry is a new trend from the USA, where Mamas has been turning her mother’s milk into fine jewellery for over ten years. This trend is slowly conquering the German market and more and more mothers are making their mother’s milk a personal piece of jewellery.

Breast milk jewelry | US trend

Breast milk jewelry is available in many variants

Since breastfeeding is a precious memory and breast milk is a precious treasure , it is no wonder then that breast milk jewelry has become the favorite jewel of happy mothers. Rings, butterfly pendants or pearl earrings that will connect the mothers with their child forever and remember the gift of nature every day. A classic mother’s milk bead combined with yellow gold or silver is the most popular breast milk jewel.

Every mother’s milk jewelry is handmade with the utmost love and care. It uses skin-compatible and high-quality materials . Breast milk is processed in a multi process. Every breast milk jewelry is durable and stable with proper care. A mother’s milk jewelry symbolizes the very close connection between the child and the mother . Because time is unstoppable and often as in flight, we want to preserve this period of time for you and make it timeless. Every mother’s milk jewelry is unique because of its unique material.

There are many different suppliers of breast milk jewelry.

Depending on the supplier, the production processes as well as the different pieces of jewellery vary, but all breast milk jewellery has one thing in common: The most important component of breast milk jewellery is the valuable breast milk. It is processed and mixed with resin to make it durable and firm. Depending on the supplier, deep-frozen or pumped breast milk is used. Breast milk jewelry is of course also a great idea as a gift in breastfeeding . Such a gift will definitely become the favorite jewel of every mother.