What is remembrance jewelry?

What is remembrance jewelry?

Remembrance jewelry

Do you know that? Are you looking for a personal gift and don’t really know what to give?

We at the milk-design Manufaktur have a special idea:

Everyone has unique moments in life, such as the birth of the child, birthdays, the wedding or even times of mourning. We offer you a new way to capture these moments forever.

What’s more personal than DNA?

We process breast milk, a strand of hair, umbilical cord, a tooth, a part of the bridal gown or the bridal bouquet as well as ash together with resin to remembrance jewelry.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Remembrance jewelry | Breast milk jewelry

Breast milk jewelry

is a priceless gift that reminds of special moments and connects the child and mother in a unique way.

Remembrance jewelry | Hair jewelry

Hair jewelry

is the perfect gift for any special occasion, as it uniquely symbolizes the love for your heart person.

Remembrance jewelry | Umbilical cord jewelry

Umbilical cord jewelry

is a unique gift that reminds of the pregnancy and the beginning of life with the loved ones. A unique bond!

Remembrance jewelry | Wedding

wedding jewelry

is the love gift between couples, which in the form of remembrance jewelry recalls the special day in life.

Remembrance jewelry | Mourning jewelry

Funeral jewelry

is a true gift, as a reminder to a loved one that you can always carry with you.

Remembrance jewelry | Tooth jewelry

Tooth jewelry

is a special reminder of the first tooth. Everyone knows the excitement until the tooth is out and the wobble ends.

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In brief

Your personal unique

Your memory is at the heart of us!

From simple to extravagant thanks to the combination of colouring, glitter, precious metal leaf and engraving, you can put the finishing touches on your piece of jewellery.

So your memory becomes a true heirloom that you can always carry with you!

Erinnerungsschmuck | Children

About us

We love memories ❤

In order to make reminders jewellery, a lot of technical and commercial knowledge is part of the passion for craftsmanship. From the order to the packaging, everything is conceived by ourselves and is constantly being improved thanks to your help!

We look forward to getting to know you ❤

Josephin & Patrick

More facts about remembrance jewelry

More facts about remembrance jewelry

Remembrance jewellery for the newborn

There are many important moments in the life of the family. But the most important thing is probably the arrival of a new member.

The birth of a child is always a joyful event for all: Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings gather, celebrate the birth and admire the child. In a loving home, the minute a new person is brought into the world begins to revolve around them. Everyone in the household begins to make adjustments to welcome the new family member.

A new era enters the life of the family and the family dynamics are subjected to enormous changes. These changes affect you, your partner, and any other family member directly or indirectly. The whole family has to prepare for the radical changes.

Remembrance jewelry | Parents
Remembrance jewelry | Perpetuate fingerprint

Fingerprints perpetuate

When a fingerprint is immortalized on a precious metal, only silicone is used in the production of the negative.

This allows a 1:1 playback of the print.

While in the ink or scanning process the jewelry pieces are produced mechanically, the silicone imprint of the souvenir jewelry is usually made by hand.

By hand, the piece of jewellery receives an individual and invaluable value.

Choosing gifts for the baby right

The birth of a baby is one of the most beautiful moments of parents. You can mark this special moment with a gift for the baby or for the mama. It will certainly be appreciated by the whole family forever. Every glimpse will remind the new mama of one of the greatest gifts of life.

The joy of birth goes beyond the family and on all sides there are congratulations and gifts.

What are the best memories of this wonderful moment in life?

The perfect remembrance jewelry for this special occasion must be permanent, personal and special . Remembrance jewelry is only intended to be a reminder of the birth of a child and other beautiful moments.

Remembrance jewelry | Gift for babies
Remembrance jewelry | Gift for the birth

Pendants and necklaces for babies

Beautiful pieces of jewelry are perfect gifts – both for the mother and for the baby. Whether you are a colourful or a to buy elegant pendants for the baby, with our large selection is it very easy to find exactly the right remembrance jewelry. children’s feet and fingerprints as pendants on a silver chain will be produced with their appearance and the possibility of a personal engraving as desired, guaranteed delight.

Whether you want a cross, a heart or a flower singer for the newcomer – you will certainly find the right souvenir pendant. You can choose a pendant in different variants, e.g. gold or silver.

Ashes to diamonds

A diamond is created from the ashes to commemorate a beloved person or a pet .

Naturally occurring diamonds are formed under high pressure and high temperatures. Synthetic diamonds are produced in a press that simulates the natural environment for the conversion of carbon. The diamond seed is placed on the bottom of the inner tube of the press and the whole is heated to over 2,000 °c until the metal of a catalyst melts. The catalyst triggers the pure carbon source, which is then transported to the diamond seed and crystallized. The funeral diamond is created and begins to grow.

We do not recommend this type of commemorative jewelry, as it is very expensive on the one, and on the other a lot of energy is spent for months.

Remembrance jewelry | Ashes to diamonds