What do I have to consider when making wedding gifts?


Wedding gifts

You are getting married and your guests are asking you what wedding gifts you want? You haven't thought about organizing the gifts yet? It would be very annoying if you were given the same thing several times. Known ways are to create a wish list on Amazon, to lay out a list in a store or to put money into a nice envelope.

What should the joint appearance look like? On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom should ideally be consistent with the guests. I would like to answer the following questions for you, among others:

How expensive can wedding gifts be?

A good answer would be that it depends. If your circle of friends consists only of millionaires and wealthy people, the proposals are accordingly only to be considered as such. Good gifts usually range from a hundred to two hundred euros, with experience giving family members more than their colleague at work. A wedding should not be considered as an investment on the part of the guests, i.e. the wedding lasts two days so I have to pay for two days. As you know, a wedding is not like a package holiday, where you book add-ons for it, but a day of love between two people.

When you create your list, pay attention to a good mix of cheap (from 10€) and expensive (from 100€) gifts to offer your guests a choice.

How do I organize a wedding list?

Through a wedding list you give yourself and the guests a certain assurance that you also get things as a gift, that you really need. Good lists include: Amazon’s Wedding List, Given2(with low fees) or Flitterbook(no or low fees). Keep in mind that it must not only consist of material things, but can also include beautiful moments such as travel, excursions and experiences. They give a much more emotional touch to a monetary gift and give the couple a lot of good prospects for the future. Also concrete hints and wishes for which the money is used, e.g.: for the payment of the location by the sea or the honeymoon in Hawaii, are a nice purpose.

Tip: Definitely make a digital list that can also be shared so that everyone can see live what’s already been purchased.

How do I accept the wedding gifts?

On this point, as almost everywhere in life, applies. Preparation is everything. Organize one or two people of your trust, ideally the groomsmen who will assist you in handing over the gift. The reception of the wedding gifts should always be done by you personally, so that you can thank the corresponding guest directly. In the best case, there is a prepared wedding table, where the helpers arrange the gifts beautifully visible. It’s better to pack your money gifts separately into a handbag or cassette to avoid losing track and avoid misunderstandings. Which gifts are less suitable? anything that spoils or withers easily and quickly. Flowers in particular are given away in masses at weddings. Due to the sheer mass or when the couple travels on their honeymoon, the effect is zero. To prevent bouquets from entering the wedding day, some vases prepare near the wedding table.

Tip: Opening gifts is not recommended, as you have to smile even with bad gifts and there is a direct comparison among the guests.

What is the best way to thank you and when?

The wedding day unfortunately passed by far too quickly? There were many beautiful wedding gifts? Then it’s time to thank you. Within two weeks or after the honeymoon is a good time. The thank you letter should be designed and written in the same style and appearance as the invitation. A souvenir photo of guests and newlyweds or a personal picture as well as personal words of thanks complete the whole thing elegantly.

And after the wedding?

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