This is how you find your birth style and the right place of birth!


Place of birth

Choosing the appropriate place of birth for the mother-to-be should be carefully considered, as the decision usually also has a direct impact on the type of birth. To make you feel comfortable during this special moment, you should consider the following notes:

Place of birth

Clinic birth

When choosing your desired clinic, the distance to the hospital is especially important. Especially in big cities, it is sometimes difficult to find a taxi driver who drives one, possibly with contractions, through the whole city. Even forgotten items from home or visits from the kinship are simplified by short distances.

Be sure to visit the premises of the clinic with your partner or the person of your trust.

Ask questions that are important to you and ask about special features of the Clink e.g. family rooms, co-payments, visits, breastfeeding care etc.

Compare the pros and cons to other birthplaces, as complications and emergency situations can be better catered for, especially in clinkers.

Home birth

In the case of home births as a place of birth, the prerequisite is that you have an uncomplicated course of pregnancy and a good state of health. If you are unsure, contact your gynaecologist.

Clarify the costs of the midwife or midwifery practice in advance.

Discuss the process and insecurities with your midwife, as it ideally brings with it almost everything necessary to give birth.

Outpatient birth

In outpatient childbirth, the focus is on the care of a midwife. This accompanies you from the birth at home, through childbirth in the clinic to the week bed care.


Note the birthplace of the future mothers usually select in advance to avoid possible complications at birth.

In addition, a birth house is exactly the middle ground between hospital and home birth.

Good to know: For emergencies, birthplaces are equipped with a certain amount of technology, but you will usually be referred to the nearest hospital in case of complications.

Clarify the costs of childbirth and visit the facility to create your own picture.

Ask all the important questions during your visit to take any uncertainties away from you.

Evidence midwives

There are 100 midwives in the hospital. They are either employed or self-employed. The latter are referred to as midwives, as they look after you at home before and after birth.

Here, too, clarify the question of costs in order to avoid inconsistencies.

Type of birth

Vaginal birth

The goal of most mothers is a vaginal birth. The advantages such as easier breastfeeding, a speedy recovery and the process desired by nature are obvious. In addition, this type of birth is important for the development of your baby, as the amniotic fluid is squeezed out of the baby’s lungs during childbirth. Afterwards, your child can breathe very well. The emotional relationship between mother and child is also promoted by this natural process.

Caesarean section

A caesarean section is an operative delivery in which a cut through the abdominal wall and uterus is released. This type of birth often occurs in case of complications and also on request.

Water birth

In the case of water birth, the child is literally born in the water. The birth takes place in a birth ingescost. The safety of the child is monitored by a Doppler device.


The goal of hypnobirth is to reduce pain through self-hypnosis and controlled breathing. Since this method is little known, it is best to tell your midwife if appropriate courses are offered.

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