Product Information

Product Information

Quality Notice

Flowers, breast milk, hair, teeth, ashes and all other materials used are natural products. These can be sensitive to frequent exposure to sweat, sun exposure, chlorine water, sunscreen, perfume or other commonly used cosmetic products. This may cause discoloration or deterioration of the material.


If you want to protect your jewelry, please drop it off before sports, showering or going to bed – even when doing housework. We recommend applying perfume or hairspray before applying the jewelry, otherwise your jewelry may be damaged.

Avoid contact with harmful substances such as sweat, alcohol, sharp detergents, perfumes, oils and lotions, chlorine and ammonia-containing solutions, salt water (seawater) or silver polish (not complete list).

Excessive heat, e.g. water vapor and boiling water or open fire, can cause the surface to start up, the material to deform or sockets, as well as mechanical elements such as closures or joints, to be damaged or destroyed.

Mechanical action due to hard metal brushes, emery paper or metal objects can cause scratch marks or even breakage.


Soap, cream and makeup residues can be removed by a soft and lint-free cotton cloth. Please do not use sharp detergents. For leather, satin and rubber bands only the silver parts may be cleaned with a silver cloth. Gold parts can be cleaned with a gold cloth.

Please do not put leather and silk ribbons in a silver or gold dip bath or clean them by ultrasound.

Wear marks on polished silver and gold surfaces as well as shiny plastic

Please note that for articles with larger polished surfaces, traces (e.B. scratches) become visible more quickly than in other articles. These can already occur in the shortest time. External influences such as scratches etc. are normal wear and tear and do not constitute a material defect!

When using the piece of jewellery, it is not to be avoided to wear a surface. The precious metals can be polished with a silver/gold cloth and the plastic with a soft cotton cloth. The shine can be refreshed with it again. There is also the possibility of a professional reworking in our workshop for a fee.