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Your sister, colleague, best friend or partner is pregnant and you are looking for a nice gift for the future mother? But what should we give to pregnancy? Most of them are already supplied with the baby socks, the rompers and the diaper supply. The perfect pregnancy gift should be something unique that is personaltodepends to the future mom.

Unusual gifts for pregnancy

A beautiful piece of jewellery is perfect as a gift for pregnancy. Whether you’re your spouse, closest friend, proud godmother or godfather, or your new grandparents, many jewelers and online vendors offer many fantastic pieces of jewelry. All future and new-muttis deserve to receive a beautiful gift, because such beautiful surprises delight the soul and make the mom’s hearts beat faster. Smaller pieces of jewelry, which can be combined with the matching
after birth, are a really enchanting gift idea. Engraved trinkets are particularly personal. Furthermore, you can have bracelets,

necklaces but also key bands and other everyday objects engraved with a romantic declaration of love or an important name.

With a picture pendant you will certainly score. Which mother doesn’t want to wear the image of her newcomer around her neck? The picture pendant can be worn on the necklace as well as on the bracelet,

as cufflinks or as a lapel pin. All image sizes, postcard-sized portraits or passport pictures are suitable for this procedure. Chic begging bracelets are another popular gift. Nowadays, many manufacturers such as Sabo Lucky Life or Drachenfels offer charms on the topics of baby, love, wedding, birth such as baby shoes, baby bottle, pacifier but also sweet hearts and wedding rings. Great gift idea for people you love.

Bola Sound Balls

The development of a new life is something unique and indescribably beautiful. It is therefore all the more important to be able to celebrate this time with its different phases. During pregnancy, women increasingly wear Bola sound balls. Bola balls traditionally come from Mexico and East Asia. A rich selection of Bola jewellery is available to pregnant women. A Bola sound ball, which women carry over the abdomen during pregnancy, is the most popular.

When the pregnant woman moves, Bola sound ball eats a faint sound, which has a calming effect on the child during pregnancy. A Bola sound ball is often sold in Sweden as a Mexican sound ball, but it is also known as pregnancy jewelry, angel jewelry and angelic caller. According to ancient Mexican tradition, the Bola brings health, happiness and prosperity to the unborn child and mother, and protects against disease and danger.

Even during pregnancy, parents want to give the child the best. The sound ball is a very nice jewelry in pregnancy. From the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby can hear soothing and softly playful sounds that the Bola ball produces. The ball is therefore carried below the navel. Even after birth, the Bola sound ball can be used as a collar or as a jewelry when breastfeeding. Sound balls are available in many variations. Sound balls with gold-plated wings or silver wings are particularly pretty.

Jewellery as the perfect gift for pregnancy

If you are looking for a suitable gift for pregnancy, name chains are also a great gift idea. So you will also find name chains in the forms of hearts, medalions, dogtags, plectrums, rings, infinity and many more.

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