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Baptism solemnly welcomes you into the christian community. So it's a church welcome ritual. After this ritual you belong to the community of saints. Here we give you some information about the meaning, process, the right time and the possible gifts for a baptism.

Importance and process

The baptism was originally created after the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan, by the Baptist John. This is the fundamental and most important sacrament with which one is received by the christian community. The baptismal moment is the symbol of the irredeemable relationship of the baptized with Jesus Christ. It is performed by a priest, but if necessary another person can do it. This baptism will be called an emergency baptism. During the ritual, the dispenser dribbles water over the child’s head, three times and speaks the Christian baptismal formula. But before baptism one is asked for his faith. Of course, with the children one asks the parents. The godparents are also an important part of a baptism because they are the ones that should guide the children on the right path in life. You can also participate in the ritual by reaching for the water.

When is the right time?

There is no prescribed time for the baptism of a child. Most parents do that when the kids are between three and six months old. But, as I said, you can do it later. An adult baptism is also possible, so really at a later age. However, when choosing an appointment, keep in mind that all family members and godparents are there. Only then is baptism complete.

Gifts for baptism

The relationship of the parents and the godparents usually decide the nature of a gift. If you are godfather, you are under some pressure. What can you buy? Do you like the parents or the baby? What’s good with both sides? Dummy chains, toiletry bags or towels are something that all parents only use for a certain amount of time, because these are things that can be used to a very limited extent. But, nevertheless, they have a great sentimental value. They fulfill their purpose. But, we recommend necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry, because that’s what you wear all your life and only so you give something that is timeless and remains for eternity.

Christening jewelery - perfect religious gift for baptism

Here one prefers above all silver as material. Silver is elegant, classic and valuable. Silver is the material of understanding and intuition. Our recommendations are without any ifs and buts of love rings that are attached to necklacesand worn around the neck. The rings are round and symbolize the eternal circle of God’s love for his protégé. With the word protection we come to the next recommendation – the guardian angels. Guardian angels are symbols for good wishes, luck and, above all, God’s protection. Many people always carry the guardian angel and they have great Christian value for most people. After the baptismal rings and guardian angels bracelets are very much in demand. Christening bracelets with special engraving according to Wünsch are very popular. This is a high quality and permanent memento.

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