Bridal Bouquet/Veil

All common questions about “Wedding Jewelry“, “Bridal Bouquet” and “Bridal Veil” we have summarized here. We hope to be able to answer your open questions in advance and thus simplify your ordering process.

Please send us 1-2 flowers/flowers from the bridal bouquet or part of the bridal veil /dress with a width and length of at least 3 cm for a piece of jewelry. In the case of several pieces of jewellery, we need another flower or a length of at least 3 cm of the fabric for each additional piece of jewellery.

We recommend that you pack the dried flower from the bridal bouquet or the fabric of the bridal veil /dress into a photo box and put it on the way with an air cushion envelope. To avoid a loss by post, you can send your shipment by registered mail. We assume no liability for untraceable consignments that are lost by post. Please take the time to pack your natural material safely.

In the next step, send your natural material, by post to the following address:

milk-design Manufaktur GmbH

Badstraße 2

15344 Strausberg

Please send only dried flowers and dry fabric. If the flowers/flowers are not dry, it is best to let them dry on a sheet of paper on a heater.