Umbilical cord

We have summarised all the frequent questions on the subject ofumbilical cordandumbilical cord jewelryat this point. We hope to be able to answer your outstanding questions in advance and thus simplify your order process .

Please send us at least 8-10 mm umbilical cord for a piece of jewellery. With several pieces of jewelry, the required umbilical cord length increases by 8 mm each.

We recommend that you fold the dried umbilical cord in tin foil, put it on the path by registered letter or normal letter mail. In order to avoid a loss by post, you are welcome to send your shipment by registered mail. We assume no liability for untraceable consignments that are lost by post. Please take the time to pack your natural material safely.

Please only ship the dried umbilical cord. If the umbilical cord is not dried, you can sprinkle it generously with baby powder and let it dry in an air circulating container, in a warm place.

As soon as the umbilical cord arrives with us, it is stored in your sent aluminum foil and labeled numbered with your name. Through this procedure, we ensure that only the umbilical cord of your child is processed. As soon as your shipment has arrived with us, we will confirm same day an info by e-mail about the receipt of the shipment.