General questions

We have categorized all common general questions according to “Pre-purchase information“, “information after purchase” and “care and cleaning of jewellery“. We hope to be able to answer your questions in advance and thus simplify your order process .

Information before purchase

Once we have received your milk, we need about 4-5 weeks to make your jewelry. Upon receipt of the natural materials, these are labelled and processed by us in several steps to your individual jewelry.

You will find the cost of shipping your jewellery clearly under “Shipping & Delivery“. For purchases over 75,-€ the shipping is free of charge.

No. Since these are individually manufactured products, from materials sent by you, the right of withdrawal is eliminated.

Naturally! Our specialization is on modeling memory jewelry. We are also happy to accept other orders. Hair, umbilical cord or placenta can be worked into any form, even without breast milk. Other natural materials such as ash, blossoms etc. are possible.

Yes! However, only as long as your natural material has not yet reached us. Upon preservation, we begin to conserve your natural naterial directly to start making your jewelry directly. Please send us your cancellation to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

We personalize your jewelry by choosing product variants, precious metals, chain lengths and individual engravings. In addition, you can modify the number and size of e.g. beads in each product, or have a strand of hair artistically be worked into.

Are you looking for something special or have your own jewellery ideas?

We look forward to your e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:

-Desired product, form or idea

-Desired size (dimensions)

-If necessary, templates, sketches or sample images

Your unique piece is made exclusively foryou and will not be included in our online shop.

By default, we sell trailers and chains as a set. Of course you can only buy the pendants or only beads for threading. In this case please contact us at [email protected]

Information after purchase

Whether ash, hair or other natural material – Immediately after your order you will receive an e-mail with all the important shipping information.

You need 15-20ml breast milk, 3 breast milk zip bags and an air bubble wrap. Pour your breast milk into a breast milk zip bag and let the air escape as well as you can. Please label the bag with your name. Then fold the bag together and pack it into 2 more breast milk pouches.

A strand of hair can be added to any piece of jewelry. For this we need a strand that is about 2 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. Wrap them in tin foil and also label them with your name.

In the next step, you pack your breast milk (and possibly the strand of hair) into an air cushion envelope and send the whole, by mail to the following address:

milk-design Manufaktur

Badstraße 2

15344 Strausberg

Care and cleaning of the jewelry

Our special memory jewelry is handmade with love and care, based on trust, personal and natural elements.

Therefore, appropriate care is required. Please note the following for a long lifespan:

To keep the shine, please avoid direct contact with water, hairspray, perfume, creams, oils, detergents and other chemical substances.

Please protect your jewelry from excessive sweating, e.g. in sports, sleeping, in the sauna or on hot summer days. Also, avoid long direct sunlight so that there is no color change in the jewelry.

A simple soft cloth is sufficient for cleaning. In order for your unique piece of jewelry to flourish a long life, careful handling is required.