All the common questions about “engravings” and “engraving jewelry” have been summarized here. We hope to be able to answer your open questions in advance and thus simplify your ordering process.

There is diamond engraving and laser engraving.

In laser engraving, the motif is burned into the material that is too serious with a laser. Depending on the texture and hardness, the engraved motif becomes dark to really black.

In diamond engraving, lines are carved into the too-serious material with a diamond. There the engraving remains in the color of the material.

There are no limits to your imagination. If you have a very personal design wish – let us know.

For example, numbers, letters, fingerprints, hand and footprints, photos, symbols, etc.

If you already have an imprint on paper, you can scan it and send it to us via email, Whats app or LiveChat. Make sure the image file is high-resolution.

You can enter your wishes in the design and engraving request field when ordering.

Option 1:

You can easily make an imprint with a pencil and tape. Take a white sheet of paper, rub a 3 cm x 3 cm large surface on it with the pencil, take the desired finger and press it firmly on the surface.

You press the transparent tape on your finger and then stick the tape on the white sheet.

You can now take a photo from the imprint or send it to us in an envelope.

Option 2:

You can easily make an imprint with a stamp pad. Press your finger lightly on the stamp pad and then press it on a white sheet of paper. Make sure that the lines of your finger are clearly visible and not blurred.

You can send us the imprint by post or you can take a good photo of it and send it to us by email.