Breast milk

All the common questions on breastmilk and breastmilk jewelry have been summarized here. We hope to be able to answer your open questions in advance and thus simplify your ordering process.

By blending resin with breast milk, the jewellery is insensitive to light and UV rays. Despite this, we recommend that you avoid long and direct sunlight on the jewelry to prevent color changes due to UV radiation.

By nature there are five different shades of breast milk: bluish, yellowish, greenish, reddish and white. The coloring depends on the fat and vitamin content of the milk. Furthermore, the mother’s diet and lifestyle play an essential role. The milk in a newborn baby therefore looks different from that of a baby who is breastfed after a year.

You need 15 – 20ml breast milk, 3 breast milk zip bags and an air cushion envelope. Pour your breast milk into a breast milk bag and let the air escape as much as possible. Please label the bag with your name. Then fold the bag and pack it in 2 more breast milk bags.

A strand of hair can be added to any mother’s milk jewelry. For this we need a strand that is about 2 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. You wrap them in aluminium foil and also label them with your name.

In the next step, pack your breast milk (and possibly the strands of hair) into an air cushion envelope and send the whole thing by post to the following address:

milk-design Manufaktur GmbH

Berliner Straße 90

15344 Strausberg

We always recommend you to send your shipment by submit a registered letter.

Yes, the breast milk from the freezer is also ideal for the production of breast milk jewelry. Before sending it, however, it should be thawed and thoroughly mixed, otherwise condensation collects could soften the envelope. You can also use frozen breast milk that is several years old.

Due to the special natural properties that breast milk has, it happens very, very rarely, even in summer, that the milk smells unpleasant or gets bad. Regardless of the condition by obtaining your milk, it is always perfect for jewelry making thanks to appropriate conservation methods.

The milk does not have to be pumped completely in one day. That’s why you’ll take your time and pump a few drops of milk a day. In this way, you get to the amount of 15 -20 ml without fear that the milk is no longer fresh or unsuitable. It is best to store the pumped milk in the refrigerator in a sealed container.