Congratulations on the birth

Glückwünsche zur Geburt

Congratulations on the birth

The most beautiful thing a couple can experience is certainly the birth of a child. A child brings new life into the world and also into the life of the parents. On this occasion, it is also necessary to celebrate violently, because a smooth birth brings happiness to the parents and all their relatives. This occasion certainly deserves special congratulations. Congratulations on the birth will certainly trigger special emotions among the parents.

With birthday congratulations you show that you only wish the best for the newborn and the parents. The experience of sending someone congratulations on their birth is always something special. The moment when you see the happiness of the proud parents in their faces is hard to compare with another. Give you nice congratulations on the birth to the parents, because a healthy born child is one of the most beautiful gifts.

Cultural differences

Births have been and are celebrated in different cultural circles. Congratulations on the birth are written and gifts are handed over. In many African cultures, songs are still written for the newborn child. This song is sung several times in life for the child at important events such as wedding or even end of life. In the Christian culture there is the tradition of the so-called candle of life. This candle symbolizes life after baptism. It shows the transience of life.

Extreme circumstances have been around for a long time in China. A one-child policy and birth controls have been introduced. The goal here was to reduce the birth rate because the population was too high. Despite these strict measures, congratulations were sent out for the birth. The government has tried to intervene here several times, but fortunately without much success. Since there was only one child per couple, the parents often wanted a boy. The reason for this is that a born boy stands for the survival of the family. This has often led to abortions for female children. Fortunately, birth rates have fallen on their own in recent years, and the government has decided to reverse this law. Many Chinese parents no longer have to worry about their children and can look forward to the congratulations on the birth.

Gift ideas and congratulations on the birth

If a baby has recently been born in your circle of acquaintances, you should send congratulations to the parents on the birth and visit the parents in no time. Many parents choose to celebrate. You never go to such celebrations empty-handed. The most common gifts brought to the celebration are food, toys, nappies or even toiletries. Parents will certainly be looking forward to a gift, as every start with a child is difficult.

If you want to stand out from the others, we advise you to buy a less common gift. What could be better than jewellery? Many items that are purchased last only a short time and are consumed, whereby jewelrycan remain almost an eternity. A beautiful necklace or a small bracelet would certainly please the parents. If you want to make the gift even more personal, you can add a pendant. On these you can have congratulations engraved on birth or something else.

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