Breastfeeding - When and how is it right?

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The baby sucks contentedly at the chest and drinks until it is satisfied and full. Then follows a small quiet nap. Perhaps the most beautiful feeling in the world. This togetherness between mother and child is a special experience that can hardly be described. But at some point the time comes that the baby's milk is not enough and the mother finally gives herself more freedom.

When should we start breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding – this means slowly saying goodbye to one of the most beautiful rituals between mother and child. Ideally, both determine when the right time has come for breastfeeding. One often hears the proposition that a longer weaning facilitates the situation for the child and mother. It is recommended to breastfeed the baby exclusively for the first four months and after that you can add other foods to the diet, while breastfeeding remains a supplement. Milk production decreases over time and the baby doesn’t want to go to the chest as often. Over time, the baby will show the parents when they are ready for solid food. This is often noticed when the child sits at the table while eating and tries to grab and eat a piece of potato or bread.

Breastfeeding should be faster – how do I do it?

On average, such weaning takes a little longer, although the profession or the current situation does not allow it. In this case, the mother must determine when breastfeeding must begin. Ideally, you should take three months for this. Breastfeeding in this case means not only satisfaction and happiness for the baby, but also health prevention and nutrition. In the period of four to seven months, it is time for the baby to get food. Experts advise giving a bit of porridge at noon or in the afternoon just before breastfeeding. In the beginning, the child will only be able to eat small amounts. The amount is then slowly increased until the child finally gets fed up. On average, 200 grams should suffice, but some children also eat less. Just don’t force the child to take the food vigorously.

When does the baby need additional fluid?

If the baby already has three porridge meals, it is time to give the baby additional fluid. Experts recommend unsweetened tea or water. The breastfeeding rituals in the evening and in the morning are the most pleasant for mothers, so these should be replaced as the last. The baby should take breast milk at least once a day until the end of the first year of life.

Breastfeeding in a day, is that possible?

Rapid quenchation is not recommended, but must be performed in some situations. The reason for this may be surgery or a high intake of medication that would harm the child. Gynaecologists prescribe to and to medications that inhibit the milk formation hormone prolactin. However, these can cause side effects in many women and are therefore not the ideal solution.

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