Breastfeeding is love

Breastfeeding is love


Depending on the country, a child is breastfed for up to four years. In Germany, on the other hand, breastfeeding is usually only given for half a year, even though there is nothing better for the baby than breast milk in the first months of life. Breastfeeding has many advantages: the newborn can be fed in a hygienic, natural and cost-effective way within seconds and the mother does not need space-consuming bottle warmers, no disinfection machines and no bags of milk powder.

Why should the mother choose to breastfeed?

A mother who chooses to breastfeed provides her child with the best food, because breast milk contains many carbohydrates, low protein, fat-splitting enzymes, copper, vitamins and most importantly – contains antibodies and defenses that strengthen the immune system.

Sometimes many breastfeeding attempts have to be made before the first success. While breastfeeding, the mother and child feel the closeness and love. They strengthen the love bond between them with every breastfeeding, with every eye contact. Breastfeeding creates an intimate and emotional bond between child and mother.

Breastfeeding is love - jewellery made from breast milk

About ten years ago, a woman in the United States came up with the idea of making jewellery from breast milk and making breast milk durable in this way. Many mothers liked this idea and in the meantime the trend has spread in the German-speaking world.

You should not let time and your most precious asset pass without a memory. With a piece of jewellery, your breast milk is preserved in memory of a wonderful time and remains perfectly preserved. Properly made, breast milk jewelry is a keepsake that is unique and does not turn bad or sour. Breast milk jewellery is unique in terms of design and depends on the colour of milk, which can have a yellow but also a milky white hue. Although it is possible to add another shimmer of colour, most mothers opt for the same or similar color to make breastfeeding even more memorable.

After the color has been preserved, it remains permanently preserved. After it has been made, the milk can be processed into various trinkets such as bracelets, necklaces or rings.

The prices of the jewelry depends on the type of jewelry and the jeweler. If it is to be made of real gold, silver or even diamonds, the jewelry will cost more.

In the production of breast milk jewellery, the milk is placed in a solid form which can be used to make the jewellery. Depending on the manufacturer, this process may vary somewhat. In this process, you only need a little milk, about two tablespoons. Even from frozen milk or milk, which has been stored for years, you can still make a magnificent stone, which is ideal for your jewel.

Breast milk jewellery - a memory of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a time that every mother fondly remembers. Unfortunately, not every mother has the opportunity to breastfeed her newcomer. That’s why every mother should be proud of breastfeeding. Many mothers are therefore also sad when breastfeeding feeds on the end and thus also a unique time of connection. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to preserve a memory of breastfeeding. Putting breast milk in your ear or wearing it around your neck may not be for everyone. On the other hand, the breast milk trinkets are not visually different from other bracelets, rings and pendants.

Breast milk is processed into wonderfully beautiful pearls in several steps. After preservation, the milk is mixed with synthetic resin. After careful processing, unique beads are created. Breast milk jewellery is a great gift idea for mothers during and after breastfeeding.

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