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The custom of the birthday celebration still comes from the early high culture of Ancient Egypt, but also from the culture of antiquity. In ancient Egypt, a birthday party was organized in honor of the then Pharaoh. The birthday party with the Romans and Greeks served to invoy protective spirits to protect the celebrated person. The gifts were sacrifices to the Spirit during this time. The day of the birth of the Roman emperor and his family was celebrated with thanksgiving. Gifts, speeches, blessings and poems were common.

Birthday is celebrated worldwide

All over the world it is customary to celebrate the birthday with friends and family. However, this holiday is celebrated more often for children than for older people, as the birthday becomes less important with years. The first thing you associate with your birthday, of course, are gifts.

In many countries, it is customary to give something to the birthday child. The gifts depend on the birthday child, as each person has different wishes. But there are many universal gifts that everyone likes. You can never be wrong with jewelry. Whether necklace, bracelet, earringsor something else – everyone is looking forward to such gifts. Since they are always worn on the body, they are always reminiscent of the person who gave the jewelry.

For this great day there is often also a cake with candles on it. Another custom is to congratulate the person on his birthday. Often a song is sung, with the most popular being “Happy Birthday”. In Germany, it is supposed to be unfortunate to congratulate someone before their birthday. In other countries, however, this is common.

The 18th Birthday

In many countries in particular, the 18th birthday is celebrated, as one finally comes of age from this age. On this occasion, big parties are celebrated. In Latin America, the 15th birthday is one of the most important days for a girl. In smaller villages everyone is invited and it is celebrated day and night. A full annual salary is often consumed on that day. In Asia, Birth Day is often celebrated together with New Year. In Arab countries, however, birthdays are hardly celebrated, and in some countries you don’t even know when someone was born.

One of the oldest traditions is to write wishes and birthday greetings on a map. Each card is different and personalized. Since many people are not so creative, they find various congratulations on the Internet. Some of them make an effort and write something themselves that suits the person. The card is often packaged together with the gift.

Often speeches are also given by friends. These have a funny content and tell of the birthday child’s past. Although these speeches can sometimes be embarrassing, they improve the mood and make everyone laugh.

The Importance of Astrology and Horoscopes

Many people associate the birthday with astrology and horoscope. The date of birth should also affect the fate of the person concerned. People born in the same sign are said to have similar traits. Accordingly, birthday gifts in the form of jewelry,which is decorated with the corresponding horoscope sign, are certainly a great idea.

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