Baby - Welcome home!

Baby - Willkommen zu Hause!


Although you have nine months to prepare for life with your new family member, you always have new questions and can never be well prepared. Despite reading books and all the courses, one often stands in front of the child with a question mark over his head.

The first weeks

The child is considered a newborn for the first four weeks. During this period, control checks U1 to U3 will be carried out. The doctors examine the child and check the development and health. Already after childbirth, the U1 takes place with the baby. The baby undergoes the following tests immediately after birth: reflexes, breathing, pulse, appearance and basic tone. The U2 check is done between the third and tenth day of life. Skin, joints, organs, digestion and reflexes are examined. In the fourth to fifth week of life, the baby is taken to the U3 examination. The doctor checks whether the child develops according to age (body functions, weight, height, etc.).

Wrapping and bathing with the baby

Many parents make sure that everything is ready for the newcomer even before the birth. From the changing table to the cot and stroller to the bathtub, everything is available. How and what to use correctly is still an issue that you have to explore as a freshly baked father or mother.

Especially the first bath looks much more difficult than it actually is. When is the right time? When the navel in the baby has healed properly. How often can you bathe the baby? No more than en-up twice a week and in clear water.

With composure you should also approach the wrapping. The handling of the diaper should be successful after a few repetitions, whether fabric diaper or disposable diaper. A few practiced handles and the correct arrangement of cream, wet wipes, washcloths and diaper on the changing table make things much easier.

Sleeping and screaming

The irregular sleep rhythm is a drastic change with baby and this overwhelms many parents. The only thing that helps here is patience. The most stress-free solution here is that the parents adapt to the rhythm of the child and do not force the baby to adapt to the rhythm of the adults. The bottom line is, sleep when your baby is asleep.

Often the baby screams and the parents are burdened with it. One often wonders, why is the child screaming? Is it in pain? What could I do? The most important thing here is to keep calm. Avoid wild rocking or fumbling with the toy. Soothe your little sparrow by reducing the charms of visit, light and music.

The perfect gift

Has anyone had a baby from your acquaintances or family? Then it’s time to buy a gift for your loved one. Of course, the most common thing here is to buy toys, nappies, clothes and everything that the little ones need in the early years. No matter what you buy, the parents will be grateful to you, as every start is difficult. But if you want to give something special, you should think about memory jewelryor breast milk jewelry. A small bracelet with a pendant emgraved with a date of birth or name is a great gift for eternity.

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