Welcome to our
affiliate program

Welcome to our
affiliate program


How the Affiliate program works

You are convinced of our products?

Then let us be partners:

You’re advertising a new customer and receive as a thank you part of the revenue as a premium or commission.

The new customer is happy, you are happy, we are happy.


Benefit from attractive conditions.

If a customer buys through your affiliate link and becomes a paying customer with milk-design Manufaktur within 60 days, you will receive 10% of the net purchase amount as commission.

The cookie lifetime is 60 days.

If multiple partners advertise and the same customer, only the most recent cookie is counted as the cookies overwrite (last cookie wins model).

The payouts to the partners will always take place on the fifth of the month.


Our rules of the game for a successful collaboration.

Search engine Marketing (SEM) is not allowed.

Also limited:

Paid-Mailer & Forced

Click Systems

Banner Networks


Torrent Traffic


Metasearcher (on request only)

The partner is expressly prohibited from posting the brand keywords such as “milk-design” and “milk-design Manufaktur” In search engines (Google AdWords, YSM!, MIVA, etc.).

This also includes the expansion of keywords around “www.” or “. de” and typos of the above keywords.

Acceptance and termination of a partnership: we reserve the right to refuse applications without giving any reason. Similarly, to terminate partnerships at any time and without giving reasons.

Tips & Tricks

Ideas for exciting collaborations.

For our partners it is possible to convince even more new customers of our jewellery with the help of individual coupon codes and discounts.

Just contact us personally for more details.

The simplest way to convince your visitors of our product is a product test or experience report.

Just contact us personally for more details.