About us


Moments that change life exceptionally are the birth of a child, the wedding, or the memories of a beloved person. These are often far too short but intense moments are precious. Everyone keeps these days and years in beautiful photos and videos. The milk-design Manufaktur offers a new way to capture memories forever.

The milk-design Manufaktur was founded in 2017 by Josephin Hammer and Patrick Hübner because we want to create personalized products that will remind people of an unforgettable time. As parents, we know how fast the time, above all the beginning, passes with our own baby. In this sense, it is our heart affair to manufacture remembrance jewelry and accessories by hand with much love for you.


We write. We’re planning. We create. We have an opinion. We inspire: with authentic and personal products. Because we know that memories fade too quickly, unfortunately. With our products of milk-design, we want to create memories where you will still be happy to linger after years in loving memory. Every stage of life, whether babies, breastfeeding, upbringing, wedding or favorite people, is unique and important.

We would like to accompany you in this way.


We’re real. We are independent. We’re creative. The processing of your natural material into a piece of jewelry is a complicated and time-consuming process. The method of processing is developed independently and takes place in several steps.

From the manufacture to the packaging, everything is planned, created and developed by us independently. The long development period ensures that we and you are satisfied with the quality. It is very important to us that your remembrance jewelry is durable and not yellowed.

Only with advanced technology and a lot of knowledge are your jewels as smooth, shiny and perfect as they are.