5 facts about jewellery from breast milk

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Jewellery from breast milk

Jewellery made from breast milk and thus the breastfeeding relationship between mother and child is something very special. About ten years ago, the trend for breast milk jewellery from the USA came to Germany. The basic idea is to create a memory of breastfeeding from breast milk. Capturing this moment for eternity, I found it exciting from the beginning. I have summarized the five most exciting facts for you as follows:

Fact 1: No shine is for eternity

No matter which manufacturer you order your jewelry from, the fact is that your jewelry loses its shine and becomes dull over time. Why are there manufacturers who promise a shine of a pearl or your jewels? The answer is quite simple. By adding gloss products in the manufacturing process, the breast milk part is made artificially shiny. My recommendation for every piece of jewellery made with resin and breast milk is to polish it with a good microfiber cloth and a corresponding polishing paste. By even polishing with pressure, your jewelry remains beautifully shiny. You can find the corresponding accessories in our shop.

Fact 2: A memory without competition

The advantage of this type of jewelry is that it is literally “unique”. Whether you are talking to pleasures or colleagues, you will very likely be asked not only surprised glances and interested questions. This type of jewelry is not available in any shop.

Fact 3: It's not more personal

The personal and individual component is the point that distinguishes your jewelry from all others. The jewelry and in this case irrelevant whether breast milk, hair strands or other natural material symbolizes a loving moment or a special memory in your life.

Fact 4: Perfection vs. Precision

The fact that breast milk is a finite natural product means that careful handling is extremely important. In the worst case, it is the last breast milk of the mother that we receive. We always receive e-mails as to whether the sent breast milk has arrived safely with us. This shows us how high the symbolic and personal value is for each mother. Immediately after receipt, the milk must be preserved quickly. Especially when working, absolute precision applies with regard to the correct mixing of all components. Even a minimal deviation can make the jewelry too soft or brittle. Our favorite combination is the processing of breast milk with a strand of hair, as of course all parts have to fit perfectly together. Last but not least, the whole thing happens under a certain time pressure, because with every minute the piece of jewelry gets harder and harder. Additional grinding gives your jewelry from breast milk then the final, desired shape.

Fact 5: Direct contact with the founders

The nice thing about the manufactories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is that they are managed and looked after directly by their founders. This is therefore very much due to your personal customer satisfaction and very good customer service. In my opinion, the focus is also much more on the demands on one’s own work and the prestige of one’s own company. Your opinion is important to us and improves our processes with every message or conversation. The probability that an owner will contact you directly if you have any questions is therefore very high.

Conclusion on jewellery made from breast milk

The production of jewellery from breast milk from production, to the design of the packaging, to shipping requires a lot of know-how and craftsmanship to create a unique product that puts a smile on everyone’s face.